Festival Dive Sites

We have selected 19 reefs and 4 wrecks at a range of depths to showcase the best of our diverse dive sites.

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CTDF 2016 Dive Sites Poster

Below is a list of the sites with a link for more info, the dive fee associated with the site, the depth and the Q rating which is a qualifications standard explained at the bottom of the page.

The Wrecks;

SAS Pietermaritzburg                         here                R150         17m to 22m              Q2

MFV Orotava                                       here                R200         25m to 32m             Q2

SAS Good Hope                                   here                 R200         28m to 35m             Q2

MFV Princess Elizabeth                     here                R200         28m to 35m              Q2


The Reefs;

Ark Rock                                             here                 R150          5m to 12m               Q1

Photographers Reef                           here                R150          5m to 14m                Q1

Outer Photographers Reef               here                 R150         20m to 30m             Q2

Maidstone Rocks                               here                  R150          7m to 21m               Q2

Maidstone Anchor                             here                  R150          10m to 24m            Q2

Maidstone Ammo                              here                  R150          17m to 27m              Q2

Roman Rock                                       here                  R150          6m to 18m                Q1

Castor Rock                                        here                  R150          12m to 25m              Q2

Wonders Pinnacles                            here                 R150           12m to 22m               Q2

Friskies Pinnacle                               here                 R150           12m to 22m               Q2

Tivoli Pinnacle                                   here                  R150          10m to 22m               Q2

Roman’s Rest                                     here                  R150          9m to 27m                 Q2

Rambler Rock North-East               here                  R150         12m to 27m                Q2

Rambler Rock North-West              here                  R150         10m to 22m                Q2

Rambler Rock South                         here                  R150          9m to 24m                Q2

Hotlips Pinnacle                                 here                  R150         18m to 30m               Q2

Dome Rock                                         here                  R150         16m to 25m                Q2

Omega Reef                                       here                  R150         15m to 29m                Q2

Pyramid/Shark Alley (Cow Sharks) here                 R200         5m to 14m                  Q1


Dive Qualifications Key “Q”

Q1 = Suitable for PADI/NAUI/SSI Open Water Divers and CMAS 1-Star Divers (and above).
Q2 = Suitable forPADI/NAUI/SSI Advanced Open Water Divers and CMAS 2-Star Divers (and above).

All divers must adhere to the depth limitations of their dive qualification. Divers that book onto dives which they are not qualified to do will loose their booking fee and may be banned from any further diving at the festival. Check with the festival bookings manager if you are unsure.

All dives will be no-decompression dives.