Festival Info

What will it Cost?

  • All participating divers need to register.  Registration costs R200 per diver with R50 of that going to a charitable cause which you can select.
  • Late registration for on-the-day registrations, R300 per diver. Once again R50 of that goes to a charitable cause which you can select.
  • Boat dives cost R150.  Shore dives are free.

What will you get for your money?

Your registration fee gets you:

  • Participation in the festival, entry into False Bay Yacht Club and use of the facilities such as showers and kit washing/drying areas.
  • A unique Event Participant Tag.  (We do not provide goodie bags in an effort to reduce litter and avoid single use plastics)
  • Free entry into any of the event competitions you may want to participate in.
  • Free participation in shore dives and check out dives.

Your boat dive fee gets you:

  • A boat dive to one of selected dive sites with an experienced skipper and an experienced DM (if required).

What if the weather or sea conditions are bad?

If absolutely necessary we will postpone the festival to the following Saturday (9th May).  The decision to postpone or not will definitely be made before midnight on Thursday 30th April, if possible earlier, and will be communicated to all registered divers on Facebook (Cape Town Dive Events page) and by e-mail.  Registration fees will then transferred to the new day and all arrangements will be the same.

How to Register

Registration and the payment of registration fees will be via the Activity Bridge online system from the 1st March.

How will the rolling boat dive system work?

It’s easy. Unlike previous festivals where all dives were pre-booked to specific sites, this time you simply buy a R150 dive coupon and get together with a group of divers ready to dive and take the next available boat. There will be a festival organisor to help combine groups or individuals with similar site/depth requirements but we would prefer it if you arranged your own group of buddies, come to the jetty and take the next available boat. There should always be a boat or 2 waiting for the next group so the timing of the launch and the site is up to you.

What if you only want to dive with a specific boat or go to specific sites?

There is an opportunity to arrange to go to a specific site, perhaps a more adventurous site like Whittle Rock or a Smits wreck, for the 1st launch of the day for each boat. If you want to do that you just need to arrange it with the specific operator and between you and them make sure that there are sufficient divers for it to be viable for the boat operator. They may need to charge more than the standard R150 festival dives but that is up to them.  So we are not averse to divers making their own plans for dives and just incorporating those dives into the 1st dive of the day.

What if you are coming to Cape Town for the festival but want to do more than just Saturday festival dives?

No problem; Just contact your preferred Cape Town dive operator and book dives on the Friday and/or the Sunday. There should be quite a few out-of-towners coming to the festival so there are sure to be plenty of dives going out on those days. We will request our operators to offer special rates for festival divers but that you will need to confirm with them directly.

About Keeping Informed

Make sure you like and follow the “Cape Town Dive Events” Facebook page (there is a link on the Contact page) as we will be posting regular updates there.

About Check-Out Dives

If you are diving in Cape Town for the first time or are using rented equipment we will require you do a check-out shore dive with a local DM or instructor prior to doing any boat dives. This is just to ensure that you are comfortable and check your weight and buoyancy. Please allow enough time for this and arrange it at the dive control desk on the day of the Festival but as early as possible.

About Festival DMs

Each boat will have a dedicated local dive master to lead you on the dive and help you with any problems you might encounter. The DMs will work in conjunction with the skipper to brief divers and will also help with the loading and unloading of your gear.

Divers (particularly experienced local divers) who do not want to follow a DM are not obliged to do so but must then carry their own SMB and reel.

If you are not fully familiar with Cape Town boat diving or just would like to dive with the DM them please tell the DM this when boarding.  That’s because it may happen that nobody onboard wants or needs a DM and in that case the DM may choose to sit out the dive.

About Festival Dive Durations

To encourage multiple dives we must limit dive times to maximum of 45 minutes. Kindly plan your dives accordingly.

About Permits

All the dive sites are in the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive these sites. Please get an annual permit from any post office before the festival. Temporary permits may be available from some dive operators on the day of the festival but it would be better to have your annual permit in hand before. We may check permits at the dive registration so please don’t take a chance.

About Air, Nitrox and Rental Equipment

Air, Nitrox and rental equipment are not provided by the Festival and you need to make your own arrangements to ensure that you have sufficient cylinders for your dives. The local dive shops and clubs will have all their rental cylinders available on site for rental.

About Parking

The parking area just outside the yacht club gates is somewhat limited and we have made a commitment to the yachties that we will not use it at all.  Please DO NOT park there.  Fortunately there is a huge navy parking area called Cole Point on the other side of a brick wall and we have permission to use it. So just drive up to the yacht club gates, drop your gear at the secure kit area provided, and drive around to Cole Point parking. The kit area guards can direct you and there will be signage. There is a pedestrian gate through the brick wall so getting back to the yacht club is quick and easy.

About Festival Catering

The yacht club has it’s own restaurant which will be open until about 2000. The upstairs bar will also be available. In addition there will be diver-friendly fast food stalls and trucks to keep the dive munchies at bay and ensure you are well hydrated.

About Accommodation

We do not have our own accommodation offering but have compiled a list of diver friendly accommodation options which you can see the Accommodation page of this website.

General Info on Diving in Cape Town

Everything you could possibly need to know about diving in Cape Town can be found here.

For further info or specific enquiries please contact grant@blueflash.co.za