Festival Info

What will it Cost?

  • All participating divers need to register.   Registration costs R150.  A festival T-shirt is R125.
  • Late registration. For on-the-day Registrations, R250 per person.
  • Boat dives cost either R150 or R200.  See the Dive Sites page where the cost is listed for each dive site.

What will you get for your money?

Your registration fee gets you:

  • Participation in the festival, entry into False Bay Yacht Club and use of the facilities such as showers and kit washing/drying areas on both days.
  • A unique Event Participant Tag.  (We do not provide goodie bags)
  • Entry into any of the event competitions you may want to participate in.
  • Free participation in shore dives and check out dives.

Your boat dive fee gets you:

  • A boat dive to the dive site you have booked for (conditions permitting) with an experienced skipper and an experienced DM.

What if the weather or sea conditions are bad?

We will NOT cancel or postpone the Festival.  We know full well that this is the “Cape of Storms” and anything can happen but the chances of having a complete blow-out at this time of the year are quite low.  If dive conditions are bad and the festival organisers decide not to run dives, you will be refunded your dive fees in full. We unfortunately can’t refund registration fees or refund dive fees where a diver decides to cancel his/her dive.

We have a plan to introduce a range of fun dry activities that we can run if no diving is possible. These will include a land based treasure hunt and wine tasting tours. We can also arrange dives at the Two Oceans Aquarium (where dive conditions are always good) and expand the cannon race competition which does not require good dive conditions. And the bar will be open….

How to Register and Book Dives

Bookings are open now.

All bookings will be captured electronically with Sign up Genius.  To register and book dives click here.

Queries regarding bookings should be directed to Rachel at  Capetowndivefestival@gmail.com

What if you only want to dive with a specific boat operator(s)?

Unlike we did at the 2012 and 2014 festivals we are not going to allow the various boat operators to indicate which boats are theirs in the schedule and market only their dives. We are doing this to mix up the groups of local divers a bit more and create more of a festival-like atmosphere as opposed to it just being the same divers diving on the same boats.

About Keeping Informed

Make sure you like our Facebook page (there is a link on the Contact page) as we will be posting regular updates there.

About Check-Out Dives

If you are diving in Cape Town for the first time or are using rented equipment we will require you do a check-out shore dive with a local DM or instructor prior to doing any boat dives. This is just to ensure that you are comfortable and check your weight and buoyancy. Please don’t book onto the early boat dives if you need to do a check-out dive. Details of the times that check-out dives will be done will be posted on our Facebook page.

About Festival DMs

All the dives have a dedicated local dive master to lead you on the dive and help you with any problems you might encounter. The DMs are all volunteers that know the particular site you will be diving at.  Divers (particularly experienced local divers) who do not want to follow a DM are not obliged to do so but must then carry their own SMB and reel.

DMs don’t pay to dive but are required to pay for registration unless they are bone-fide local dive shop staff.  DMs are also responsible for herding their divers onto and off the boats in a controlled way, to control the loading and unloading of equipment and to give a short briefing on the dive.

About Festival Dive Durations

To keep the dive schedule on track we must limit dive times to maximum of 45 minutes. Kindly plan your dives accordingly.

About Permits

All the dive sites are in the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive these sites. Please get an annual permit from any post office before the festival. We may check permits at the dive registration so please don’t take a chance.

About Air and Nitrox

Air and Nitrox are not provided by the Festival and you need to make your own arrangements to ensure that you have sufficient cylinders for your dives. The local dive shops and clubs will have all their rental cylinders available on site and some will have a cylinder exchange system in place. So you should be able to hand in your empty cylinder, take one of their full ones and collect yours (full) in exchange for theirs later in the day or the following day.

About Festival Catering

The yacht club has it’s own restaurant which will be open on both days until 2000 and the upstairs bar will also be available. In addition there will be diver-friendly fast food from a False Bay Underwater Club pop-up stand.

About Accommodation

For the first time we have our own accommodation available at Waters Edge at Seaforth Beach.  For details about Waters Edge and alternate accommodation options see the Accommodation page of this website.

General Info on Diving in Cape Town

Everything you could possibly need to know about diving in Cape Town can be found here.

For further info or specific enquiries please contact grant@blueflash.co.za

Our Bank Account

FNB Account: 62588244766  Branch: 250655

Please don’t just pay into this account without having been through the Sign up Genius (electronic booking) process. Use your name as the reference for electronic payments.