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Cape Town Tech Fest 2016
(Incorporated into the Cape Town Dive Festival)

Calling all technical divers (open circuit and rebreather) to experience tech diving in the Cape waters…

Dates: 28 April – 1 May 2016

Location: Seaforth, Simonstown, Cape Town

Dives:         Thursday 28/4 (8h30 – 8h45): Smitswinkel Bay wrecks (deco dive, 25-39m, Air or Nitrox)

Friday 29/4 (8h30 – 8h45): SATS General Botha wreck (Trimix deco dive, 48-54m)

Saturday 30/4 (8h45 – 8h55): SAS Bloemfontein wreck (Trimix deco dive, 50-57m)

Sunday 1/5: Tech Divers join the regular Dive Festival dives

Costs: A once off Dive Festival registration fee of R150.00 per diver. Smitswinkel Bay wrecks R300.00per diver per dive. Trimix dives R500 per diver per dive.

Equipment: All equipment is to be provided by the diver. Limited gear rental (twins, stages etc.) is available on request. All divers are to ensure they are equipped for long deco dives in cold water – drysuits are strongly recommended.

Gas and consumables: Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen is available close to the dive site. Recommended gas is 30-32% for the Smitswinkel Bay dives and Trimix 16/40 for the Trimix dives. All gas costs are payable directly to the supplier. Sorb is available on request.

Certification: All divers are to be correctly certified for their chosen dives. Additionally, all divers are required to successfully complete the Smitswinkel Bay dives prior to being permitted to undertake the Trimix dives. Whilst guidance will be provided with dive planning, each diver is responsible for their own dive plan, copies of which must be lodged with the Tech Dive Controller prior to each tech dive.

Safety Divers: A Safety Diver will be provided by the organisers on each tech boat. They will be there to assist all tech divers in kitting up and will carry spare bottom gas and deco gas in case of emergencies. Their max depth will be 30m. All Safety Divers must pay the Dive Festival registration fee of R150.00, but as they are assisting the organisers will not pay tech dive fees.

Cancellation / refund policy: The Dive Festival registration fee of R150.00 is non-refundable. All tech dives are to be paid in advance to secure your booking. Should a tech dive be cancelled by the Tech Dive Controller (due to safety or weather reasons), the tech dive fee for that dive is 100% refundable.
In the event that the diver cancels or aborts a tech dive, there will be no refund.

Bookings: All bookings must be emailed to Please advise us who will be in your group/team. Upon receipt of your provisional booking, a detailed Diving Questionnaire will be emailed to you. Upon receipt of your completed Diving Questionnaire and once provisional bookings are finalised and dive groups assigned (both OC and CC), you will be required to pay the Registration Fee and tech dive costs in advance in full. Only upon receipt of payment will your booking be made final. There are only 15 spaces available per dive, so don’t delay in booking. All bookings made after 4 April 2016 will be charged at R600 per team.


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